Possibly the worst label idea in recent times – initiating a new record label to release a 10” vinyl containing 8 Danish underground bands, all covering the same song. The original song being covered is even unknown to add further to poor judgment…

However, it has been important for us as a vinyl-only label, both then and now, to position ourselves. To do the unexpected, bring the danger and power back in a stagnant industry while maintaining a soaring level of quality. That was and is our original statement and mission! 
Since our incarnation in 2010 we have put out some 25 vinyl releases, ranging from the last recording in Entombed's legendary formation to a handful of sold out L.O.C. albums and EPs and onto collector's items on our Tighten Up imprint specliazing in reggae, ska and rocksteady!

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Over the close to 15 years we have been doing this, we have branched off in various fields and will most likely continue to do so; from importing limited batches of cool clothes such as Hawkins & Joseph, starting a book publishing company that is growing steadily (Screaming Books), establishing a fine little distro (All Ages) and of course building our Screaming Foundation for fund raising purposes. We love it all!