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A NEW YEAR / A NEW BEGINNING! January 3rd 2015

Hello good people! We'd like to wish you all a happy new year and add a few lines on the first few projects we have going!

Firstly we're beyond anxious to get our first SCREAMING BOOKS project underway, which will happen during 2015. We will reveal more shortly.
Secondly we're hoping to release another license in the first half of 2015 as well as manifest TIGHTEN UP by releasing a full length album.

Take care, keep checking back and visit our SCREAMING STORE for a blow out sale very soon!


We're beyond excited to announce that we will release the debut 12" EP from Danish rapper NIKI BERNARD on a license through SGMD on October 16th!

The 29 year old rapper (writing in English!) has taken his time to complete this 5 track masterpiece and unleashed the beast today! "DOXY" is the name and the lyrical content deals with lust, dreams, jealousi, weakness, frustration, love, hate, the forbidden, the secret and the exciting!
From today and for the next 12 days you can download for free here - and the vinyl will be out Oct. 16th - meaning you can pre-order here!

A LONG DUE UPDATE! July 12th 2014

We're getting pretty crap at updating this site for some reason - although tons of stuff is happening! So just to run through the whole thing here:

The BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS "Any Port in a Storm" 7" was released in May and is featured in our shop! We have imported some superp casual street wear - polos from Hawkins & Joseph that you can also buy in our shop. Screaming Books will be launched very shortly - stay tuned for the first release! The 1-DAY HARDCORE SHOWDOWN is just around the corner - more on that by the end of this month! Finally - find all our release in PladeBiksen 43 in Copenhagen!

BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS! March 30th 2014

We're very excited to announce our next release - the 3rd in the line of TIGHTEN UP 7 " series releases! This one from Denmark's premiere ska & rocksteady outfit BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS!

They're here with their spanking new single - in 2 different versions; a soul and a ska version!
"Any Port In A Storm" is portraying thoughts going through the head of a father - a realization of doing anything out of love for a newborn baby girl. Go anywhere, sacrifice anything, kill anyone...
Stay tuned for pre-order details and tour dates!

L.O.C. - SAKRILEGIUM! January 28th 2014

As we announced earlier this month we are fortunate to be involved with yet another L.O.C. album - this time the 9th studio album entitled "Sakrilegium"!

As was the case with the 2 previous outputs, "Prestige Paranoia Persona" vol. I & 2, we have a license for a one-off limited vinyl batch of 475 copies. "Sakrilegium" comes as a 2xLP on 180 gr. black a wax in a gatefold sleeve with lyric inlays.
You can pre-order the album through our webstore these final days and naturally purchase it after the release date while supply lasts!

2013 -> 2014! December 30th 2013

2013 is closing in on us and by that we're entering our 5th year as a vinyl-only label when 2014 comes knocking! With 15 releases, a 16th due out in January and a label imprint with a life of its own - we can only say it's been a marvellous ride so far!

In just over a week's time we can start revealing the first of our 2014 activities and from then on end we'll post news here as we can. Concering TIGHTEN UP we will issue our 3rd single format in April - more news on artist and title in February! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


We're finally ready with the LEO & THE LINEUP "Run-Around b/w Gotta Go" 7" pre-order! It's our second TIGHTEN UP release slated for December 13th launch but get your pre-order in now and get one of the low numbers! This items comes with a dropcard containing exclusive material as well as a full colour inlay! Pre-order right here!

Also - on December 13th the band will throw a bonafide release party in Copenhagen with free beers for early birds, special guests & DJs and naturally a live performance. This goes down at BETA in Copenhagen and tickets band be found here as of October 28th!


Here is the 2nd TIGHTEN UP release, showcasing sounds from one of the most exciting new ska/reggae bands in Denmark; LEO & THE LINEUP!

The 9-piece (don't mind the picture!) toes the line between ska and reggae, with a heavy dose of soul. The 7" will feature "Run-Around", a certified live classic and foot-stomper as the A-side and "Gotta Go", an up-tempo gem that tells a little story about the ups and downs of romance. Both are bonafide party starters!

Release is slated for December - stay tuned for pre-order details!

"CAPE ZERO" PRE-ORDER UP NOW! August 1st2013

In exactly 1 month from now SCARRED BY BEAUTY will put out their sophomore album "Cape Zero" and today we start the pre-order! The band has decided to donate all proceeds from the pre-order period and the release party to chairty, which you can hear and read more about here. The release party is August 29th at KB 18 - sign up here!

By pre-ordering this album you will donate 6 EUR to the children who grow up in an SOS children's village in Hargeisa, Somaliland, supported through SOS Children's Villages Denmark.


We're happy to inform you that we have started the pre-order for the RANKING ROGER "Muscle Ska / Civilization" 7" single due out August 16th. So by ordering now through our webshop you will be certain to receive your copy immediately after the release date!

On a slightly different note - in a few weeks we will launch a few very limited TIGHTEN UP batch of merch items; a black t-shirt, a chocolate brown t-shirt and a bottle green crewneck.
Kick the donkey - this is the real deal!


It's with so much excitement that we can announce our very first TIGHTEN UP release - coming out August 16th. It's from none other than the legendary RANKING ROGER (The Beat & General Republic).

The 7" single will hold his signature song "Muscle Ska" from his "Inside My Head" solo album from 2001 as the A side and the B side will be the previously unreleased gem, "Civilization", recorded in Jamaica 1989 and featuring Sly & Robbie who also produced the track.
Pre-orders will be up shortly along with more detailed info.


Screaming Records are realizing a year-long dream by launching a label imprint specializing in Jamaican music. With focus on that of original ska/rocksteady and reggae, as well as modernized versions of the genres, TIGHTEN UP sets out to play a role of both historic and contemporary outlet.
In perfect allignment with Screaming Records each TIGHTEN UP release will come in limited and hand numbered vinyl editions. Our primary mission is to keep a steady flow of 7" releases, in a regular series format, but our vision is to branch out and include the full length format.


We're extremely happy to finally announce that we will be releasing the sophomore album "Cape Zero" by Danish hardcore band SCARRED BY BEAUTY. Redfield will handle all digital as well as CD.

The band's new material reveals a matured and more 'easy listening' band much more aware of their destinct hardcore sound and with an uplifting understanding of how to capture their live energy and tap it into the desired formats. "Cape Zero" was recoreded over 12 days and will be released on August 30th in all of Europe. Stay tuned for pre-order.


It's always nice when we can announce sold out items and it happened again thursday at the RUINED release party; all ultra limited copies were sold before the end of the night!

A large chunk of the 3 different regular editions were sold as well, so if you're interested in all copies be sure to get the bundled before it's too late. They're selling here!
Next RUINED show is with the legendary Bulldoze from New York on May 24th at HUSET Kbh. Don't miss it.


It's Record Store Day today and what better way to mark that day by starting the RUINED pre-order!

You can now pre-order all 3 different colour versions - coke bottle green, transparent beer and deep purple transparant - plus you can order the 3 package bundle at a cheaper price! You can find all options right here in the shop!
On May 2nd at BETA, Copenhagen you can buy your presale copies exclusively at the show. See you in the pit!

RUINED - COVERS & COLOURS! April 16th 2013

There is less than 3 weeks until we unleash the debut EP from local hardcore act RUINED - and now we're finally ready to reveal the cover artwork and the vinyl colours!

There will be 3 different colour versions - coke bottle green, transparent beer and deep purple transparant. Naturally we're making the covers match the vinyl colours and each version will come in 100 copies. The tracks are as follow: 1) VI 2) Expired 3) Restless Soul 4) Pray For Death 5) This Is War and 6) Set To Explode. Pre-order up shortly!


Again this year we're getting ourselves involved in the 1-DAY HARDCORE SHOWDOWN in Copenhagen!

The event, that praises healthy living and independent culture, is running for the 3rd consecutive year. On August 17th it will go down in Amager Kulturpunkt using the 2 venues, Amager Bio and BETA as well as the outdoor area for food and stands. Announced now are WALLS OF JERICHO playing a Scaninavian exclusive and headling act SICK OF IT ALL. Se more here and buy your tickets here!


We're extremely happy to announce that we will release the debut 7" EP by newly formed Danish hardcore band RUINED!
The band consists of past as present members of bands such as The Psyke Project, As We Fight, The Hitchcocks and Koldborn. The style is hardcore with respectable nods to melodic punk, metallic hardcore and crust.
The 7" EP offers 6 crushing tracks all recorded live in the studio. Release date is May 3rd and the 7" will come in 3 different versions of a 100 handnumbered copies each. On top of this we will have the ultra limited edition of 25 copies. Stay tuned for pre-order!

'WICKED WEEK' TO LAUNCH SOON! January 4th 2013

Very soon we'll launch a new concept over at Screaming Store - for you guys only! Despite the very extravagant and cockney inspired name, 'Wicked Week', the concept is simple: for one week, monday to friday, we will list one exclusive, ultra rare item for sale on a first come first serve basis. One item pr day!
This will happen sometime soon (you never know how soon!) and will be for registered webstore members only. Over the years we've kept aside a small personal stash of ultra limited editions, test pressings and other gems - including a.o. L.O.C., Entombed, Turbo A.C.'s, etc. SIGN UP!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! December 30th 2012

What an absolutely cracking 2012 we've had! 2 L.O.C. full length albums, 2 7" pressings of what is already considered a collecters item by the ENTOMBED and not forgetting the amazing 3rd album from THE 20BELOWS as well as PARASIGHT's debut EP. A truely amazing year!
We also managed to launch our Screaming Store - the place where we will sell exclusive items by our artists! So sign up!
2013 we will launch a new outlet label specializing in rocksteady and ska releases. Details to be revealed later!
On this note - happy new year everyone!

"DOXY" 12" EP
out October 13th 2014

"Any Port in a Storm" 7"
out May 16th 2014

"Sakrilegium" 2xLP
out January 30th 2014

"Run-Around / Gotta Go" 7" out December 13th

"Muscle Ska / Civilization" 7"
out August 15th 2013

"Cape Zero" LP
out August 30th 2013

(Green Edition)
7" EP out May 3rd 2013

"Prestige Paranoia Persona Vol. 2" LP
(Regular Edition)
out November 5th 2012

The 20belows
"For Better Days & Late Nights"
(2 x vinyl. Ultra Limited Edition)
12" out May 24th 2012

The 20belows
"Late Nights"
(Regular Edition)
12" out April 26th 2012

The 20belows
"For Better Days "
(Regular edition)
12" out April 26th 2012

The Turbo A.C.'s
"Black Lipstick"
(regular edition)
7" out Nov 25th 2011

Deer Bear
"The Other Side"
(regular edition)
12" EP out Sep 26th '11

Gustav Foss
"Give A F***"
12" EP out Feb. 26th '11

The Hitchcocks

"Blood Will Follow"
12" vinyl out June 2010

Various Artists
10" vinyl out Sep. 2009

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